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The future of Typescript in Production-Grade Applications

Mar 30

Introduction Javascript is everywhere and will not be going away anytime soon. I love...

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Building & Testing React Hooks with NPM

Sep 12 '23

Table of Contents Introduction Setting Up the Project Rollup Configuration Create Our...

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React Calendar: A Guide to Building Dynamic Calendars with Events and Todos

Aug 28 '23

Table of Contents Introduction Key Features Setting up the Project Create the...

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Next.js Auth and Dashboard Boilerplate: Building a Full-Stack Web App

Aug 23 '23

Table of Contents Introduction Technology Overview Architecture and Code...

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A Guide to Using the Option Type in TypeScript

Aug 18 '23

Table of Contents Introduction The Problem with Null and Undefined The Option Type: A...

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Visualizing Data in React: A Guide to Beautiful Charts with React-Chartsjs-2

Aug 16 '23

Introduction Visualizing data is an essential aspect of modern web development, allowing...

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Better Code Quality with TypeScript’s Utility Types: Pick, Partial, and Omit

Aug 14 '23

Introduction I see a lot of projects that don't use TypeScript's type helpers like Pick,...

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Create and Publish Your First NPM Package: A Comprehensive Guide

Aug 12 '23

Table of Contents Introduction Prerequisites Getting Started Setting Up Your...

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Simplifying Complex TypeScript Types with the 'Unpack' Helper: Improve Developer Experience

Aug 10 '23

Introduction In the world of TypeScript, developers often deal with numerous types and...

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Type Safety with Non-Empty Arrays in TypeScript

Aug 4 '23

The Problem with Empty Arrays When working with arrays in TypeScript, we can specify the...

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Help with entrepreneurship and starting a SaaS

Sep 10 '22

Hi! I have a few years of experience as a full-stack developer and I have a job that I enjoy very...

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Jul 27 '21

Table Of Contents Introduction Examples Factorial Search Quick sort Tree...

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A short introduction to Functional Composition

Aug 6 '20

Function composition is a mathematical concept that allows us to combine two or more functions into a...

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RESTful API with Deno, Oak and MongoDB

Aug 3 '20

In this tutorial, we will create an API to manage contacts. We connect the API to MongoDB Atlas, a cl...

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Common JavaScript array methods

Jul 25 '20

In this post we will look at some of the array methods in JavaScript. We start of with an array of us...

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